Styling a Classic Navy Polo

Styling a Classic Navy Polo

3 Ways to Style Our Classic Navy Polo: From Office to Night Out

A classic Navy Polo is a wardrobe essential, doesn't matter who you are, this piece is a MUST.

This versatile piece isn’t just another shirt; it’s the ultimate key to unlocking a myriad of stylish possibilities. Whether you’re commanding respect in the office, turning heads on a date, or enjoying a night out with the boys, our Classic Navy polo is your go-to garment. Here’s how to make it work for you.

1. Office-Ready: Classic Navy Polo with Grey Pants

Need to crush that presentation or seal the deal? Pair your Classic Navy polo with grey pants and watch heads turn.

  • Pants: Tailored grey dress pants are your go-to. They create a sophisticated contrast with the deep navy, making you look sharp and professional.
  • Shoes: Slip into some black or brown leather loafers. They add a touch of elegance without screaming “I’m trying too hard.”
  • Accessories: A sleek black belt and a matching watch will tie the whole look together. Throw on a grey or navy blazer if you want to up the ante.
  • Pro Tip: Tuck in your polo to keep it crisp and tidy. Our Empire polo’s tailored fit ensures you’ll look sharp all day, even when the pressure’s on.

2. Date Night Charmer: Classic Navy Polo with White Pants

Got a hot date? Turn up the charm by styling your Classic Navy polo with white pants for a look that’s a nod to the old money look.

  • Pants: Slim-fit white chinos or jeans. The contrast between navy and white is both striking and sophisticated—perfect for making a great impression.
  • Shoes: Brown loafers or crisp white sneakers. They keep things chic yet comfortable, so you’re ready for whatever the night holds.
  • Accessories: A brown leather belt and a matching watch add a touch of class. For cooler evenings, consider a light grey cardigan or a navy blazer.
  • Pro Tip: Roll up the sleeves of your polo slightly. It’s a relaxed, effortless look that says, “I’m cool, calm, and collected.”

3. Boys' Night Out: Classic Navy Polo with Dark Jeans

Heading out with the guys? Pair your Classic Navy polo with dark jeans for a look that’s casual yet stylish—perfect for a night of fun and spontaneity.

  • Pants: Dark wash jeans. They provide a laid-back yet put-together appearance that complements the navy polo perfectly.
  • Shoes: Casual brown boots or white sneakers. They add a relaxed vibe, ready for whatever the night throws your way.
  • Accessories: A casual belt and a rugged watch add personality to your outfit. For an extra touch of cool, throw on a leather jacket.
  • Pro Tip: Leave the polo untucked for a more laid-back, “I woke up like this” vibe. Maybe pop the collar a bit if you’re feeling adventurous.

There you have it—three killer ways to rock your Classic Navy polo. Whether you’re owning the office, charming on date night, or hanging out with the boys, this polo’s got your back.

Ready to elevate your style game? Check out our Empire Classic Navy polo and experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and confidence. Trust us, once you go Empire, you’ll never go back.

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