Nailing the Old Money Aesthetic

Nailing the Old Money Aesthetic

Polos and the 'Old Money' Aesthetic: How to Nail the Look

Imagine stepping into a room and instantly exuding an air of sophistication and effortless elegance. That’s the magic of the 'old money' aesthetic—a style that whispers wealth and class without shouting it from the rooftops. The best part? You don’t need a trust fund to nail this look. All you need is the right polo. Let’s dive into how our Empire polos can help you achieve that timeless, refined style.

The Essence of 'Old Money' Style

The 'old money' aesthetic is all about understated elegance. Think classic colors, impeccable tailoring, and a look that says, “I’ve been sailing since I could walk.” It’s less about flashy logos and more about quality and subtlety. To start, focus on a few key pieces that form the foundation of this style, and trust us, our polos are the perfect starting point.

Classic Colors and Timeless Fits

To pull off the 'old money' look, you need to focus on classic colors and fits that never go out of style. Enter our Hunter Green Polo with Champagne Embroidery and our Ivory Polo with Navy Collars and Champagne Tipping.

Hunter Green Polo with Champagne Embroidery: This polo is your ticket to that vintage country club vibe. The rich green color exudes a sense of tradition and luxury, while the delicate champagne embroidery adds a touch of refined elegance. Pair it with khakis or tailored shorts, and you’re halfway to looking like you just stepped off a yacht.

Ivory Polo with Navy Collars and Champagne Tipping: This polo screams timeless class. The crisp ivory body combined with the navy collar and subtle champagne tipping gives you a look that’s both sophisticated and versatile. Perfect for both casual brunches and more formal garden parties.

How to Style for the 'Old Money' Aesthetic

Now that you’ve got the right polos, let’s talk styling. The 'old money' look isn’t about trying too hard—it’s about effortless elegance. Here’s how to nail it:

  1. Pair with Classic Bottoms: Think tailored chinos, crisp linen shorts, or well-fitted jeans. Avoid anything too trendy or distressed. The goal is to look polished and timeless.

  2. Lightweight Layers: Since we’re in a tropical climate, opt for breathable layers. A lightweight cotton blazer or a stylish linen shirt worn open over your polo can add depth to your outfit without making you overheat.

  3. Accessorize Subtly: Less is more. A quality leather belt, a classic watch, and perhaps a pair of aviator sunglasses. You want to enhance your look, not overwhelm it.

  4. Footwear Matters: Go for loafers, boat shoes, or clean white sneakers. They should complement your outfit without stealing the show.

  5. Attention to Detail: Ensure your polo is always neatly pressed and free of wrinkles. The little things—like a well-ironed collar—make a big difference.

Why Empire Polos?

At Empire, we believe that true style is in the details. Our polos are designed with precision, using premium materials that offer both comfort and durability. The Hunter Green and Ivory options are crafted to perfection, giving you that touch of luxury that’s essential for the 'old money' look.

Our Hunter Green Polo with Champagne Embroidery and Ivory Polo with Navy Collars and Champagne Tipping are more than just shirts—they’re a statement. A statement that says you appreciate quality, tradition, and timeless elegance. So, whether you’re mingling at a garden party or enjoying a casual day out, our polos ensure you’re dressed to impress.

Ready to elevate your style? Check out our latest collection and discover how Empire polos can help you achieve the perfect 'old money' aesthetic. Trust us, once you go Empire, you’ll never go back.

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